Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Six-Second Quartet.

An interesting use for Vine: pick-up harmonies. I mean, extremely short pick-up harmonies, but that's kinda the charm of it.

It started with Tim (a friend of a friend) doing what he apparently does quite often-- singing a little surreal line that popped into his head.

Then Ari (a friend of Tim's) added a line above Tim.

Then Chris (a friend of mine through the NYC a-capppella scene) added a line below.

And this was too cool of an opportunity for me not to add a bass line, root-heavy as it is.

The big question, of course, is: is this progression ii-to-V, or v-to-I?

Also, search Vine for "man named karen" for more Man-Named-Karen-inspired lunacy. [Also, if anyone can tell me an easy way to rotate a Vine (because I was an idiot and didn't know that I had to hold the phone upright to make it record correctly), it'd be much appreciated.]