Wednesday, March 4, 2009

episode 8-17 (March 4): Top 36 - group 3 results and wild-card reveal

I won't go into detail about the reveals tonight, except to say I audibly cheered when Anoop squeaked in at the last minute.

[Fox TV's video recap here.]

Again, my biggest interest in the results shows is in the group numbers. I loved the Ne-Yo group number last week. Even if that song was used out of licensing obligation, it was still a killer choice, and the movement was tasteful. It remains the only group number I've ever seen on Idol that I truly liked.

Too bad I didn't blog about that one. Instead, I have the unfortunate task to blog about this one, set to Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold". The whole thing definitely reeked of licensing obligation, given that, well, it's a pretty crappy song. The women descending the stairs one step at a time en masse was actually quite arresting, but the guys all looked they were on different planets. Nathaniel Marshall, in all of his "I'm so individualistic I could just pee" glory, is actually playing up the song to the camera very well. Meanwhile, Scott MacIntrye stilll has that deer-in-the-headlights looks and is incredibly awkward with his hand-gestures, which I imagine we're supposed to dismiss in deference to his vision issues but shouldn't as there's no real connection there; he just needs serious coaching on how to look more casual in performance. (This stiltedness is surprising, considering how relaxed and dreamy he looks in the publicity photos.) Alex Wagner-Trugman also needs serious coaching on how to conduct one's self in a public performance in general; his shifting focus reminds me of myself, and that's super uncomfortable. (That thing I said about social holding his own in this show's cast? Still standing by that.)

Tomorrow: things get wild (card).

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